Category: Panda

Category: Panda

SEO Value Brought to Bear Regarding Content Farm “Victory”

Most people have positive, cuddly associations to pandas.  Google changed that for a lot of online businesses back in February by implementing ongoing Panda updates.  Last week, an online source revealed data related to the updates’ influence on search rankings.  It seems things are going as planned; the SERPs are populated with better results, indirectly […]

Awaiting the Panda 2.5 Update

Ever since the initial release of the Panda Update in February, 2011, search engine marketers have been adjusting their strategy, and even capturing opportunities (and clients) to fix problems that other SEO firms committed. Since the original release there have been 4 updates including 2.0, 2.1, 2.2, and we await Panda 2.5. Google has done […]

Google CEO “We can do a better job describing our changes”

When Google CEO Eric Schmidt spoke that the United States Senate hearings back in September, he was asked if the company’s methods could be a bit more transparent. The CEO of the search engine titan replied “There is a limit to the amount of transparency – it is proprietary and if it was more open […]

Helping Google Block Websites

Google’s first released their Panda Algorithm update back in February, aiming to block out websites that lacked quality content. Even more so, the search titan reinforced their commitment to the end user that only valuable websites will be posted favorably on their search engine. Within the first few hours, literally thousands of low quality websites […]

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