Category: panda 2.2

Category: panda 2.2

SEO Value Brought to Bear Regarding Content Farm “Victory”

Most people have positive, cuddly associations to pandas.  Google changed that for a lot of online businesses back in February by implementing ongoing Panda updates.  Last week, an online source revealed data related to the updates’ influence on search rankings.  It seems things are going as planned; the SERPs are populated with better results, indirectly […]

Panda 2.2 Makes a Silent Attack

At the beginning of last week, we at WebiMax started seeing another wave of movements in search engine rankings that suggested to us Panda 2.2 update was live. Unannounced at first, Google now confirmed today that this was in fact the case. Although we’ve all known that the update would be arriving shortly, no one […]

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