Category: panda update

Category: panda update

Helping Google Block Websites

Google’s first released their Panda Algorithm update back in February, aiming to block out websites that lacked quality content. Even more so, the search titan reinforced their commitment to the end user that only valuable websites will be posted favorably on their search engine. Within the first few hours, literally thousands of low quality websites […]

Google Announces Panda 2.2 Update

Earlier today at the Search Marketing Expo, Google’s Matt Cutts announced that they have developed an update to the Panda algorithm, version 2.2. He further stated that the update has been officially approved, and they are waiting to send it out, which should happen any day now. Further tweaking and some “clean-up” work will be […]

Google’s Panda Update Continues to Disrupt

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, the #1 rated SEO firm in the United States and Australia, has been astounded by the impact of the Google Panda update “our phones have literally been ringing off the hook with businesses seeking assistance with the effects of this algorithm change”. On February 24, 2011, search […]

As Panda Moves Abroad, Other Countries are Effected

This week, Google released their “Content Farm – Panda” update to all English speaking countries including Australia, the United Kingdom, and Canada, where WebiMax, an online marketing company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), has expanded operations. The initial release of the Panda update took place in February, released only in the United States. Now […]

Google’s Panda Update Goes International

During February, Google made a significant change to its search algorithm known as the “Farmer Update”, to crack down on content farms that lacked good, original content. These pages would falsely satisfy search algorithms and show up high in PageRank. The obvious problem is that these pages lacked quality information and were essentially useless pages. […]

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