Category: philadelphia online marketing

Category: philadelphia online marketing

WebiMax Proudly Attends “Unplugged with Mayor Michael Nutter”

Our Marketing Manager Danelsy Medrano attended “Unplugged with Mayor Michael Nutter” at St. Joseph’s University last night. At the event, Mayor Nutter talked to a group of 75 of the most promising professionals in the Delaware Valley about the bright future of the city of Philadelphia. Mayor Nutter spoke on many topics and started with […]

A PPC Management Service Delivers a Great Landing Page

Do you know a lot about the behaviors of Web browsers? It is the duty of a PPC management service to study such things in addition to orchestrating and monitoring your pay-per-click campaign. Web browsers are very capricious; they are met with a humongous amount of information and do not spend much time on one […]

Pursue Your SEO Black Belt

Do you have a hobby? Depending on the nature of your hobby, you probably notice people with different degrees of experience and talent. I attend Jiu-Jitsu classes in Berlin, New Jersey and observe the varying skill levels. Search engine optimization and online marketing is very similar in regards to those with varying degrees of hands-on […]

Small List of Big Ideas for Your Public Relations Campaign

Continuously read blogs, daily papers, and magazines Most likely, you gravitate towards information about your industry. Just about any business is addressed on and offline in some journalistic fashion. Get to know specific writers and the kinds of information and stories they relate to the public. You may be able to offer yourself or your […]

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