Category: PPC

Category: PPC

Google’s Bid for Hulu

Hulu, a joint venture owned by NBCUniversal, Fox Entertainment, and Disney-ABC, offers ad-supported on demand videos of TV episodes and movies. They’ve been accepting bids for a purchase since the beginning of 2011. News released yesterday shows that Google has most recently made a significant bid for the purchase of the company. Other bidding offers […]

Facebook Business Pages

Facebook, the popular social media platform that revolutionized social media, updated their business pages. The new page is a departure from the old. It features new and different elements that aim to create higher conversions not only on your page but to your website. Is your welcome tab where you want people to be pointed […]

AdWords Adds New Metric; Estimated Top Page Bid

Google added a new function to their AdWords platform, Estimated Top Page Bid. This new section provides a rough estimation for how much the going rate is for specific keywords you may be including (or plan on including) in your PPC campaign. Bidding on keyword phrases can have a huge impact on your PPC advertising, […]

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