Category: Scott Witwer

Category: Scott Witwer

Facebook Deals Live in 5 US Cities

Today, Facebook deals went live in 5 U.S. cities including Atlanta, Austin, Dallas, San Diego and San Francisco. In November, Facebook announced “Facebook Deals”, and in March, the first release was sent out in Atlanta. Now, that original release is titled “Check-in Deals” (which has 15,000 likes) and the new deals site is live. Similar […]

What’s the Big Deal? – Social Media Titan Facebook Creates ‘Facebook Deals’

Facebook is now entering the local deals business, much like how works. In November 2010, social media titan Facebook announced “Facebook Deals”. That has evolved over the past few months and in recent announcements, they have begun advertising just what exactly they intend to do. The fundamentals behind this new initiative are that local […]

Social Media and March Madness

Social Media is expected to play an important role in this year’s NCAA March Madness tournament, where 68 College Basketball teams compete to determine the 2011 National Champion. March 17th 2011 kicks off the first round with games being played as early as 12:15ET. Since this is during working hours, experts believe people will be […]

The Strongest Assets; The Employees

Ever wonder what exactly is it that makes some small businesses successful and others still trying to find their way? We’re all aware that we are in a struggling economy trying to get its way back on track. Times are tough. Unemployment is at 9.0% one of the highest levels it has ever been. All […]

A Web Design Metaphor: Click vs. Brick

In Web design, we often use metaphors from the construction industry to describe the process of developing a website. This is no surprise as the keys to success are very similar whether building a physical storefront (brick & mortar), or an online storefront (click & mortar). We’ve even adopted some of the same titles and […]

A Web Design Paradox: Humans vs. Robots

We’ve all heard that content is the most important part of a website.   It has even been crowned “King”.  We also know that if a website is difficult to find, it basically does not exist. Hard To Find = Does Not Exist. This is why Search Engine Optimization is so critical to your online marketing. […]

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