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Category: search

A Biggie Can’t Be Small

  Remember the movie, Hoosiers?  Remember the movie, Rocky?  Remember the movie, The Revenge of the Nerds?  Remember Napoleon Dynamite?  Well, perhaps you’re seeing the pattern here.  People are emotionally tied to the underdog, the small-time outfit, those who show character in the face of bigger competitors.  We often embrace the smaller entities.  Why?  Maybe […]

Beware the Lies of Search

  It’s March 15, the “ides of March.”  If I was back instructing writing/English students, I’d prepare something centered upon Shakespeare’s Julius Ceasar.  “Beware the ides [middle] of March” is a popular quote from the play.  Now, I address a range of online marketing topics, promoting early learning of the industry. As a teacher, it […]

Bing enhances Shopping Search

Bing has added a new feature to their shopping site on their search engine. When a user types a certain product (golf clubs, for example) the drop-down is automatically filled in with brands, types, variances, and arranged by department, and product. This new feature went live last week. They’ve done this as a way to […]

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