Category: search engine optimizaiton

Category: search engine optimizaiton

Now on YouTube! “SEO 2014: The Key Metrics Beyond Rankings”

One of the most important shifts in recent SEO history is the way that important metrics are captured and analyzed. Traditionally, SEO focused on the movement of individual keywords in the search engine results pages to show the success of a campaign. Today, a strong SEO strategy incorporates social media and public relations as well […]

Manager Monday: SEO Tips That Should End with, “April Fool’s!”

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. I hope you are all enjoying playing pranks as much as I am. I mean, I have already sent the Google Nose BETA to my entire family. And the great thing about the annual Google prank is it doesn’t hurt anyone, but still offers a good chuckle. Unfortunately, the tricks […]

Tapping into a Burgeoning Market with SEO: Mobile Phone Users

In the world of online marketing, there’s a particular crowd of internet users that have provided advertisers with quite the dilemma for years. While office-bound white collar workers and Generation Z teens are exceptionally active when it comes to interacting with web-based ads, it’s been the mobile user market that has eluded many marketing firms […]

Faith in a SEO Future: Social Media Companies Already Believe

The current prevalence of social networks in our daily lives is not to be underestimated. Although some sites such as Facebook have been showing a generally downward growth trend as of late, the medium that we refer to as “social media” is stronger now than it’s ever been before. With nearly a billion users to […]

Google Glasses Will Make Page Rankings More Important than Ever

Tech savvy businesses have likely been following the recent news about Google Glasses that’s been making its way around the web. Until only recently, all information known about the device was the stuff of pure conjecture. While the finer details behind the glasses are still being kept locked up tight so far, Google released a […]

MEGASITELINKS – Improved Byline Dates

The news of Google’s self-penalization for violating their own TOS has been making headlines both in and outside the SEO community, but despite the negative press the search engine giant has generated on its own behalf, there is good news on the horizon for Google. In their most recent official blog post, Google revealed some […]

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