Category: SEM

Category: SEM

Don’t Let a Penguin Chill Online Marketing Outlooks

  Of course, the Penguin update is a hot topic at the moment.  Google, the most widely-leveraged search engine, made some modifications, which influenced a number of Web masters.  What’s done is done.  It’s not the first time Google has done it; and, it won’t be the last.   Should it chill your reception of […]

How to Be Socially Ironic Online

  Warning: the following post contains sarcasm and irony.  Please proceed in the appropriate fashion… Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Most of us did as expected:  we bought flowers, called people, and spent time in places we may not have ideally wanted to be. I understand.  You did as expected.  Where’s the creativity in that!  Oh, […]

Consumers Are Making Your Company Their Business

  Don’t be pennywise and dollar foolish, business owners.  Do you see the forest through the trees?  Do you see the three-dimensional image emerging from the ostensible abstract graphic?  The dynamic has always existed; yet, I believe brands of ago understood the value in providing “value.”  It was expected (as should be).  Then, an emergence […]

Why You Must Stop Reading and Make a Call

  Are you lost in your head regarding SEO, Penguins, Searching Plus ‘Your World,’ contradictory suggestions, etc?  It’s cool.  I sympathize with business owners.  I must bushwhack my way through a series of digital pages per day on germane topics.  It can be mazelike; the further you’re in, the increasingly perplexing it becomes. Such is […]

Over-optimization – S.E.Oh No!

  (Sigh) It seems so obvious to so few.  I read a humorous post today regarding the plight of black hats; the author facetiously recommends keeping a chin up and getting back to work (also advising white-hat methods as a future alternative).  I agree.  Stop your whining and start ‘getting it.’  I understand why some […]

Getting the SEO Ball Rolling for Small Business Owners

Over the past several years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly popular for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although large scale corporations and well-known retailers may rely primarily on TV and print for most of their advertising efforts, many companies also supplement their marketing campaigns with SEO-based operations online. What used to be […]

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