Category: seo campaign

Category: seo campaign

Getting the SEO Ball Rolling for Small Business Owners

Over the past several years, search engine optimization (SEO) has become increasingly popular for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Although large scale corporations and well-known retailers may rely primarily on TV and print for most of their advertising efforts, many companies also supplement their marketing campaigns with SEO-based operations online. What used to be […]

Use Proper, SEO Campaign Lines of Communication

I recently had a business concern with my cellular phone provider.  I took it upon myself to contact corporate headquarters.  I want to be heard.  Unfortunately, it took weeks and several actions to get the result I was working toward.  At first, I used emotion and frustration to cloud my logic.  If I sought the […]

Additional 2011 SEO Recap & Insights

I recently posted a “SEO 2011 Year in Review” article on Search Engine Journal, which sited many of the exciting algorithmn updates this past year as well as other items supporting the proclomation of Mobile and Social being key SEO performance mediums this year. This becomes ever increasingly verified with the latest 10 algorithm updates […]

The Demand for SEO (Especially in Focused Geographic’s)

Let’s say that your company thrives on seasonal revenue and you want to maximize sales this summer. If you’re a small business that has a specifically defined geographic market (i.e. golf course, marina, shore resort) then consider using a search engine optimization (seo) company for your most important sales months. Take, for example, a family […]

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