Category: SEO Copywriting

Category: SEO Copywriting

5 Things That Will Hurt Your Blog Post

In today’s world, anyone can be considered a blogger. If you write for a blog, you can call yourself a blogger, regardless of how good or bad the content is. However, not everyone can create a successful blog post. SEO copywriting is the art of creating great, readable, creative, and unique content that is also […]

Thanksgiving Leftovers: Making New Recipes with Old (but Delicious) Content

I’ll admit, I’m getting a little hungry thinking about the impending Thanksgiving holiday, but that’s not the [entire] reason I’m writing this blog post. Think about this: a turkey takes all day to cook. I mean, you wake up at 8 AM to put that bad boy in the oven, and then you have to […]

Cashing in on Content

I’m tired of people saying online marketing is “all about great content.”  Those people have a Kevin Costner mentality. Don’t get me wrong–I have nothing against great content.  For all intents and purposes, I hope this blog post falls under that category.  But let’s not be naïve either; great content isn’t always the most popular, […]

SEO Copywriting Impacts Customers and Search Engines

The Web has quickly become the go-to resource for products and information. To date, the purpose of search engines is to provide the most germane information relevant to a query. The search engines ‘read’ thousands and thousands of pages of information within seconds in order to render a browser the appropriate information. As a hosted […]

What part does a Press Release play in an SEO Campaign?

One of the main ingredients of a successful search engine campaign is the natural link building stage. Building natural or organic links is the most important part of an SEO campaign, and at Webimax we have developed an intricate four phase process to obtain and increase our strong organic link score. Each link building strategy […]

Good Content Makes Good SEO

Content writing is a major part in the functioning of Webimax as an SEO firm. Content writers are the ones who write the blogs, articles and press releases for the clients. There are times that you may need to write about something that doesn’t necessarily spark your interest. This is where you have to have […]

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