Category: SEO Ethics

Category: SEO Ethics

Manager Monday: SEO Tips That Should End with, “April Fool’s!”

Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. I hope you are all enjoying playing pranks as much as I am. I mean, I have already sent the Google Nose BETA to my entire family. And the great thing about the annual Google prank is it doesn’t hurt anyone, but still offers a good chuckle. Unfortunately, the tricks […]

Google Cracks Down on Over-Optimized Sites

Is your website over-optimized? Watch out because Google is cracking down on sites that are over-optimized and penalizing them. The penalty is presumed to be introduced within the month and is aimed at sites that are cheating the search system. Sites that are penalized will be removed from Google’s index and will not be crawled […]

Affordable SEO Services Company

WebiMax has earned various distinctions this year, including the Interactive Media Award for Best in Class Marketing Website, Philadelphia Business Journal’s Best Place to Work, Southern New Jersey’s Fastest Growing Company and others. (See achievements). Perhaps one of the most important accolades is the one that founder and CEO Ken Wisnefski instilled in the company […]

Does Google Consider SEO to be Spam?

Google’s Matt Cutts addressed this question on the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel in early August, to clarify that SEO is not spam. Cutts states that optimizing a webpage through white-hat, ethical tactics, is a strategic tactic to enhance the visibility of a website on search engines. The search engine optimization industry has unfortunately been […]

Can Google’s +1 Be Manipulated? – Ken Wisnefski Explains How

Google released “+1” in June as a method for web users to essentially give their seal of approval to individual websites. Sites that accumulate many will have favorable search engine result visibility. As +1 challenges the traditional dynamics of search engine optimization, Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, discusses the potential manipulation and […]

Google’s Panda Update Continues to Disrupt

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, the #1 rated SEO firm in the United States and Australia, has been astounded by the impact of the Google Panda update “our phones have literally been ringing off the hook with businesses seeking assistance with the effects of this algorithm change”. On February 24, 2011, search […]

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