Category: SEO Firm

Category: SEO Firm

A Look Back at a Lesson in Culture Courtesy of Google Maps – Part 2

In yesterday’s post, I described how the initial resistance of Google’s Street View in Germany could, at least in part, be attributed to the country’s more private culture. Looking at its acceptance, the raising of concerns by Google Maps’ audience had a considerable positive impact. Engagement to some degree did occur, according to the Time […]

SEO Services Announces Rapid Growth as Expert SEO Community Website

Todd Bailey, Vice President of Digital Strategy at WebiMax, and senior administrator of SEO Services, announced that the website has “become one of the fastest growing expert SEO community websites” and furthers “SEO Services attracts traffic from some of the industry’s most reputable figures.”  Kenneth Wisnefski founded WebiMax in 2008. SEO services is a portal […]

WebiMax Announces Extensive SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — (Jan. 26, 2012) – Kenneth Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced the company launched an extensive SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program.  Officially launched in the beginning of 2012, the partnership program is aimed at providing search engine optimization services to advertising agencies that lack this avenue. In addition, Wisnefski announced […]

Anti-SOPA Blackout January 18th – Patrick Leahy Announces Possible Revision

The entire SEO community, along with everyone else on the Internet, has been awaiting the outcome of the Protect-IP and SOPA situation.  The controversial nature of the two bills have sparked debate that has been ongoing since their proposal and both opponents and supporters continue to wait until the final decision is made to either […]

Excuse Me, Am I in the Web’s Fiction or Non-Fiction Section?

Are you on team Edward or team Jacob?  Oops wrong drama; I meant, are you on team Google or team Twitter?  I’m on team “user experience” myself; I always had to blaze my own trails.  If you have been vacationing on Mars the last few days, there’s been some talk in the SEO world regarding […]

Varying Social Media Usage Across Cultures Will Impact ISEO & Marketing – Part 2

Following yesterday’s post, I continue today discussing the specifics of Forrester Research’s recent study on the difference in social media use throughout the world. As we’ll see there are very real implications for international SEO and marketing efforts as a whole. I’ll present information reported by Forrester according to the three main takeaway points outlined […]

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