Category: seo services

Category: seo services

Facebook Launches Mobile App

The much anticipated Facebook mobile application has finally been released. After months of speculation (and leaking information) the app became available on mobile platforms including Android and iOS. Previous to the official Facebook application, the iPad and iPhone featured “Friendly for Facebook”, developed by Oecoway, Inc., and MyPad, and developed by Loytr, Inc. The official […]

WebiMax Growth In An Unstable Economy

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, the #1 rated search engine optimization firm in the United States and Australia, has led the company to rapid growth over the past 3 years, during unstable and challenging economic times. “Our clients understand the importance of having an increased online presence. The demand for online services, […]

Social Media Produces Immediate SEO Results

Social media has become one of the biggest outlets for people these days as well as search engine optimization companies. Almost everyone has a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace or LinkedIn account to chat with friends, update profiles and statuses or check out who is doing what, when. This social extravaganza has ballooned over the last decade […]

Good Content Makes Good SEO

Content writing is a major part in the functioning of Webimax as an SEO firm. Content writers are the ones who write the blogs, articles and press releases for the clients. There are times that you may need to write about something that doesn’t necessarily spark your interest. This is where you have to have […]

Small List of Big Ideas for Your Public Relations Campaign

Continuously read blogs, daily papers, and magazines Most likely, you gravitate towards information about your industry. Just about any business is addressed on and offline in some journalistic fashion. Get to know specific writers and the kinds of information and stories they relate to the public. You may be able to offer yourself or your […]

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