Category: SEO value

Category: SEO value

Patience is an Online (Veruca-less) Virtue

  “I want it now!”  Ugh, Veruca Salt, she was a rotten egg if I ever observed one (fact or fictional).  Are you being a brat in regard to online marketing traction?  Be truthful.  I will.  I don’t need a direct quote from my mom to tell readers I’ve had a history of being a […]

What Do You Know About ‘Joe’ SEO?

Disclaimer: This is elementary knowledge, purposed for beginners and optimization shoppers, not industry cohorts though industry contributions in comments would augment the information. What do you know about “Joe” the SEO?  Did you know (of late) many specialists find the label misleading or not representative of offered services? Get a better understanding of services and […]

SEO Value from Guest Blogging

There is SEO value in guest blogging. Guest blogging deals with networking with other bloggers, which grows relationships and increases website traffic to your Blog. There are 2 ways of guest blogging. Guest blogging on someone else’s blog includes writing a guest comment / post on their page. Guest blogging on your own blog is […]

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