Category: Small Business Owner

Category: Small Business Owner

Mastering the Art of the ‘Soft Sell’ on Social Media Networks

It’s a mistake that both SEO firms and users see time and time again. As more small business owners decide to market their company properties through social media, they end up blundering through the process with little results to show for their efforts. So the best and brightest minds of the faltering business scratch their […]

Google+ Local Replaces Google Place; What SMBs Should Know

Just yesterday, Google made a pretty significant announcement of which every business owner should take note. In an attempt to further combine its social media efforts with its focus on independently-owned companies, Google has integrated its Google Places program into Google+ Local. While the benefits of this consolidation many not be immediately apparent to everyone, […]

Don’t Panic: A SMB Owner Guide to Surviving the Facebook Blues

The last two weeks have been an incredibly stressful time for every web-focused company. Between Facebook’s recent woes concerning its IPO and General Motors pulling out of its in-network marketing, there’s been more than a little bit of uncertainty in the SEO and online marketing communities as of late. Many of our readers no doubt […]

What SMB Owners Can Take Away from Google’s Knowledge Graph

A few days ago, Google unveiled its newest search feature, Knowledge Graph, to network users. For those readers who are unfamiliar with the announced program, Knowledge Graph is being launched as a sidebar addition to the company’s search engine results. While the company’s SERPs will stay the way they’ve always been, the new feature will […]

Getting in the Conversation Between Social Media Users

Although social media users swap countless IMs and posts across PCs and laptops every month, most people fail to realize the amount of direct messaging that takes place between mobile device owners through those same social networks. According to a blog published just a few days ago on the New York Times website, a number […]

Statistics Show SMB Owners Need to Trend Well on Google

Among all the various search engines for which SEOs develop, it’s Google that time and time again gets the most attention from online marketing firms. Between continual updates to its search algorithm and ongoing releases for new user apps, the world’s biggest search engine company has truly become a force to be reckoned with. While […]

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