Category: Small Business

Category: Small Business

Statistics Show SMB Owners Need to Trend Well on Google

Among all the various search engines for which SEOs develop, it’s Google that time and time again gets the most attention from online marketing firms. Between continual updates to its search algorithm and ongoing releases for new user apps, the world’s biggest search engine company has truly become a force to be reckoned with. While […]

Mobile Phone Users Rely Heavily on Just-in-Time Information

Like a prediction straight out of a 80s sci-fi movie, everyone from teenagers to adults is constantly connected to one another these days via mobile phones. Over the course of the last six years, the prevalence and speed by which Blackberries, tablet PCs and smartphones have spread have become increasingly pronounced. As I discussed several […]

Knowing when to Post Updates and Links on Social Media Sites

As my fellow writers and I have recommended time and time ago, it’s a good practice for companies to use social media to supplement their other organic SEO activity. Due to the ever-increasing number of users found on networks such as Facebook and Twitter, many start-up or entrepreneur company owners are sharing their own original […]

Removing the Google Penguin Red Flags from your SMB Website

Everyone who writes about SEO has recognized Google’s Penguin update as the hot button issue at the moment. After a staggering 350,000 sites were affected by the company’s recent algorithm revisions, the SEO community fell into a bit of disarray over the topic. Across the board, reaction to the update has been mostly negative as […]

Tapping into a Burgeoning Market with SEO: Mobile Phone Users

In the world of online marketing, there’s a particular crowd of internet users that have provided advertisers with quite the dilemma for years. While office-bound white collar workers and Generation Z teens are exceptionally active when it comes to interacting with web-based ads, it’s been the mobile user market that has eluded many marketing firms […]

Analytics Tools Prove Invaluable to your Website Management

Website management can be an incredibly tricky business for any webmaster or site owner. Although creating a site from scratch can be difficult enough, it’s getting web traffic and conversion rates that ultimately becomes the greatest challenge for so many of us in the industry. Startup company and small business owners in particular tend to […]

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