Category: Small Business

Category: Small Business

Obtaining Great Media Assets for SEO and Marketing Results

The old adage of “a picture’s worth a thousand words” is an all-encompassing one in today’s 21st century society. As the internet has become the primary form of communication for millions of people the world over, businesses often emphasize the importance of their media assets. While print magazines and newspapers struggle to maintain their relevance […]

A Smarter Approach to Organic Ranking: Specified Keywords

As the foundation of any SEO-focused marketing campaign, keywords are always the driving force for any industry. More often than not, business owners take an approach to their keyword selection that emphasizes quantity over quality. While generalized keywords do have the potential to bring in a large, broad user demographic, sometimes a far more specific […]

Three Smart SEO Behaviors for Small Business Websites

While small business owners often focus much of their attention on staying active in social media, they tend to end up ignoring a valuable asset: their website. As many web designers will tell their clients, a company’s website should always include search engine-friendly content as well as useful information that is readily accessible. More often […]

Building Trust and Brand Recognition for your Company

Companies that conduct the majority of their business on the internet are always fighting an uphill battle to gain loyal fans and regular website visitors. With many industries experiencing an overcrowded marketplace and unprecedented levels of brand saturation, small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are trying to gain that most desired of customer values: trust. […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: The Best of the Best

Here we are at last, loyal readers: the final installment in my three-part coverage of the best social networks for social media marketing. Some of you may have been following my blog posts for the past couple days, but more than a few of you may be jumping in only now. In my previous discussions, […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: The Best Potential Sites

Yesterday I kicked off a series of blog posts dedicated to choosing the best social network based on the needs of a business. For small and medium-sized company owners, there is no certainly no lack of choices to be made when selecting which social sites to operate on. Many SMBs tend to lack the sort […]

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