Category: Social Media Campaign

Category: Social Media Campaign

A Strong Follower Base is the Key to Social Media Success

Despite the immense popularity of social networks, often times many companies find that their social media listings only get visited by a handful of people on a regular basis. Every SEO company these days strongly recommends that its clients actively participate in media sharing on networks such as Facebook or Google+, but these agencies usually […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: The Best Potential Sites

Yesterday I kicked off a series of blog posts dedicated to choosing the best social network based on the needs of a business. For small and medium-sized company owners, there is no certainly no lack of choices to be made when selecting which social sites to operate on. Many SMBs tend to lack the sort […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: Location-Focused Networks

As social media websites become the focal point of countless internet advertising firms, so too have small business owners come to depend on social networks for their ongoing marketing campaigns. While Facebook is the primary social website for many companies these days, the fact is that there is no shortage of social media sites to […]

Faith in a SEO Future: Social Media Companies Already Believe

The current prevalence of social networks in our daily lives is not to be underestimated. Although some sites such as Facebook have been showing a generally downward growth trend as of late, the medium that we refer to as “social media” is stronger now than it’s ever been before. With nearly a billion users to […]

Social Media Services

Social Media has evolved into an online force. Michael Stricker @RadioMS SEO and Social Media Strategist at WebiMax, explains: Social Advertising, or placing ads in social media, shows huge promise. It is one of WebiMax’s “Lucky 7 for 2011” Social Media opportunities. Facebook Ads, in particular, offer some powerful advantages for online marketing: • a […]

Social Media’s Impact

As far as 2011 is concerned, there have been many world, economic, and political events that have shaped the first half of the year to be somewhat of a wild roller coaster. Behind all of the events is one common trait that has served as a notification system. Social Media. Social Media in 2011 has […]

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