Category: social media marketing

Category: social media marketing

Faith in a SEO Future: Social Media Companies Already Believe

The current prevalence of social networks in our daily lives is not to be underestimated. Although some sites such as Facebook have been showing a generally downward growth trend as of late, the medium that we refer to as “social media” is stronger now than it’s ever been before. With nearly a billion users to […]

Get Great Analytics for Pinterest Campaigns from Pinerly

Has your company recently opened a Pinterest account as a new initiative within its SEO marketing strategy? Despite the newness of the social media site, there are already several tools that are available on the market for conducting analytics on the widespread usage of Pinterest. Leading the pack of useful tools is the service provided […]

Market Effectively on Social Media by Humanizing Your Brand

The introduction of Facebook Timeline for brands officially brought to light a very important aspect of marketing through social media: brands must be humanized. In other words, a brand must communicate with its social media audience on a direct personal level. This can provide dividends of benefit for companies, because it increases the trust that […]

Will You Chirpify?

As I discussed in my last post, Twitter is quickly becoming an essential tool in SEO marketing campaigns. A new service, Chirpify, only serves to validate that, and takes the advertising – and selling – of a business’s products or services to the next level. Previously titled Sell, Chirpify is a service that facilitates […]

Google+ For Business; Why We Like It

Prior to Google+ entering the social media market, businesses (both large and small) had 4 major platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube to market their business.  The release of Google+ for business gives marketers and advertisers some additional features that are not available on other social media platforms.  Noteworthy features include Circles, +1 integration, […]

Wisnefski: “Social Media to Play Vital Role in black-Friday Shopping”

Wisnefski, a seasoned Entrepreneur and the founder / CEO of WebiMax, announced that merchants and consumers will rely heavily on social media platforms during this year’s black-Friday mad dash. As 2011 is projected by analysts to be the most successful black-Friday yet, information is king when trying to take advantage of the most deals possible. […]

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