Category: Social Media

Category: Social Media

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…Cory Booker?

WebiMax headquarters is located in South Jersey. This is our first day back in the office following Hurricane Sandy. Luckily, we have power and we did not experience the same levels of damage that the NJ Shore, Newark, and parts of Delaware, New York, and New England endured. Our thoughts are with those who lost […]

Facebook: What’s In a Name?

How many of you have friends that don’t use their real name on Facebook? Perhaps you do this yourself. If you’re like most people, a decent portion of your friends list has people swapping out their last names for their middle names. This all seems harmless enough, right? Well, if you didn’t know, Facebook is […]

3 Things Your Blog Needs to Stand Out

The popularity of blogging continues to grow with countless new blogs created each year and massive spikes of traffic making its way to blogs. Businesses have also recognized the many benefits that a blog provides their business. A blog allows businesses to easily and quickly reach a large online audience. Blogs not only help generate […]

The Social Media Aftermath of the “Bearhug Heard ‘Round the World”

On Sunday, a pizzeria owner from Fort Pierce, Florida named Scott Van Nuzer was responsible for one of the most notorious photo opportunities in Barack Obama’s Presidency and the 2012 campaign thus far.  When Van Nuzer bearhugged Obama in front of several onlookers and photographers at his restaurant, Big Apple Pizza; he most likely expected […]

The Mystery of Social Signals in SEO

When you watch TV this week, you may see ads for a new show called Elementary, which is another take on the original Master of Deduction, Sherlock Holmes. In the past five years, Arthur Conan Doyle’s beloved detective stories have been adapted several times in film and television, and their popularity made me wonder how […]

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