Category: Todd Bailey

Category: Todd Bailey

MEGASITELINKS – Improved Byline Dates

The news of Google’s self-penalization for violating their own TOS has been making headlines both in and outside the SEO community, but despite the negative press the search engine giant has generated on its own behalf, there is good news on the horizon for Google. In their most recent official blog post, Google revealed some […]

SEO for Small Businesses

Creating SEO campaigns for small businesses can be tricky considering locality as well as competition of keywords. Many small businesses look to an SEO to be rain makers or miracle workers in establishing online and foot traffic. So how does an SEO really manage expectations of small businesses and provide results for these opportunities? Initial […]

Online Search Industry valued at $17 Billion; Google Leads

As a follow up to our May 16 blog titled “Spending on Paid Search Increases”, eMarketer released some forecasts today shining light on to the $14.38 billion industry, and projecting 2012 revenues. In total, eMarketer sees the online search industry surpassing $17 billion for 2012. 77% of that industry, will be owned by Google. Although […]

Outsourcing SEO? Not Here!

The majority of SEO firms outsource their services to overseas vendors, typically located in China, India, and the Philippians. They do this because it is cheaper, (companies can save money by outsourcing), and because they typically lack the talented staff to perform quality in-house results. WebiMax is one of the only SEO firms that do […]

Increasing Visibility With a Well Designed Webpage

Your company webpage is the first impression that people receive about your company. It sets the tone right away. With competition as fierce as it is across all industries, having a well-designed webpage can be the difference between profit and loss. Not only does a well-designed webpage help your company from a search engine optimization […]

Using a Pay Per Click Specialist

As advertising moves more online than ever before, has your company considered utilizing Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing? Consider this fact: In a recent report by the Newspaper Association of America, newspaper advertising in the United States for the year ended 2010 has sunk to a new 25-year low. In the same year (2010) online […]

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