Category: Twitter

Category: Twitter

Getting in the Conversation Between Social Media Users

Although social media users swap countless IMs and posts across PCs and laptops every month, most people fail to realize the amount of direct messaging that takes place between mobile device owners through those same social networks. According to a blog published just a few days ago on the New York Times website, a number […]

Knowing when to Post Updates and Links on Social Media Sites

As my fellow writers and I have recommended time and time ago, it’s a good practice for companies to use social media to supplement their other organic SEO activity. Due to the ever-increasing number of users found on networks such as Facebook and Twitter, many start-up or entrepreneur company owners are sharing their own original […]

Businesses, Nail Your Audience with Pinterest

In social media, reach is of the utmost importance. With the various social media sites available, each site is competing with the next, aiming to gain the top spot on the popularity chart. Each site provides different features to captivate users and influence them to join that site. The latest social media site, Pinterest, has […]

Real Estate Professionals Buy into Social Media because it Sells

Are you a real estate professional looking to gain more customers? If so, then you better get started on joining social media sites. With real estate professionals on a constant search to find the best method of reaching potential home buyers or sellers, social networking has become the new outlet for reaching audiences with 84% […]

Building Trust and Brand Recognition for your Company

Companies that conduct the majority of their business on the internet are always fighting an uphill battle to gain loyal fans and regular website visitors. With many industries experiencing an overcrowded marketplace and unprecedented levels of brand saturation, small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are trying to gain that most desired of customer values: trust. […]

Online Audiences Turn to Social Media to Learn the Latest in Health Care

Attention, health care providers. If you’re looking to attract an online audience, then it’s essential that you start providing information about health care and your practice through social media. While social media has become the primary news source for many, it has especially become a main news source for online audiences to obtain health care […]

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