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WebiMax Proudly Attends “Unplugged with Mayor Michael Nutter”

Our Marketing Manager Danelsy Medrano attended “Unplugged with Mayor Michael Nutter” at St. Joseph’s University last night. At the event, Mayor Nutter talked to a group of 75 of the most promising professionals in the Delaware Valley about the bright future of the city of Philadelphia. Mayor Nutter spoke on many topics and started with […]

Manager Monday: 5 Google Analytics Features Your Business isn’t Utilizing

WebiMax is dedicated to bettering the online presence of our clients with best practice onsite and offsite marketing. However, our marketing efforts are only as valuable as the data and tracking information we use to mark the progress of our campaigns. Most online companies do use a form of data tracking; in fact, more than […]

Dip Your SEO Toe in the Google Pool

To the technical uninitiated, it can be hard to tell whether or not a site needs SEO work or not.  What follows is a general SEO litmus test you can perform on your site, using only a browser.  No fancy tools,  litmus paper, or black magic required. The process covers three primary areas: Proper indexing […]

Look for Links That Will Drive Traffic

2012 was a big year for SEO and arguably the biggest shakeup was the Google Penguin update. As you probably know, Penguin targeted web spam tactics like link schemes, exact match anchor text, blog networks and so forth. Link building tactics that had, for better or worse, been working fairly well for a lot of […]

Do Not Underestimate the Power of “Dark Social”

There was an excellent piece in the Atlantic last month about the power of “dark social.” Dark social is, essentially, the links to your site that you can’t account for. That is, you don’t know where your visitors are coming from. When looking at your analytics, you have to keep in mind just how limited […]

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