New Reason to Brand Twitter as Effective Marketing Tool

Today, Todd Wasserman wrote a post upon Twitter’s news of launching its new branding pages.  The news ushers more online marketing and branding opportunities for businesses seeking to broaden consumer awareness regarding products, services, and company brands. The free options aligned with the brand pages allow companies to customize accounts with headers (comparable to those […]

Your E-mail – Your Image

One of the first things people do that look at your e-mail address is build an image of you. In today’s competitive environment in which we live in, one of the best things you can do for yourself is give a good first impression. This holds true for a job interview, for an email you […]

Retaining Clients By Enhancing Communication

The most integral component of any relationship, whether it is personal, business, or buyer-seller is communication. Ask yourself, where would we be today if we were unable to communicate to our family, colleagues, or clients? In the business setting, the quality of communication that transpires between the buyer and seller typically does not appear in […]

Larger Companies are Focusing on Online Ads versus Super Bowl Ads

As the much anticipated Super Bowl XLV draws nearer and nearer and the pressure on Steelers Head Coach Mike Tomlin, and Packers Head Coach Mike McCarthy heats up, there is another pressure looming in the air; the Chief Marketing Officers of organizations that have decided to spend $3 million for a :30 second clip on […]

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