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Category: WebiMax

Leveraging Your Brand & the Additional Revenue That Licensing Them Can Bring

When brands are built up effectively over time and used purposefully, they can have a tremendous impact on the company and deliver considerable financial gain, supplementing the primary revenue generation from the sale of their actual products. Ford, one of the biggest and most recognizable name brands in the country and world, is a shining […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: The Best Potential Sites

Yesterday I kicked off a series of blog posts dedicated to choosing the best social network based on the needs of a business. For small and medium-sized company owners, there is no certainly no lack of choices to be made when selecting which social sites to operate on. Many SMBs tend to lack the sort […]

Blue Chipping Away at a Marketing Future

Would your business consider recruiting, much like major sports teams do?  Why not?  Isn’t the sentiment the same?  Sports teams search for potential talent, whether it’s in tennis, football, baseball, track and field, gymnastics, etc.  Why can’t SEO, social media, link building, and other varieties of business startups recruit potential talent as well?  I think […]

Reputation and Brand Management Discussed by Industry Leaders

Industry leaders in reputation management discuss the many pitfalls and advantages of an agressive brand management campaign. Not only as a defensive strategy but also as a proactive influencer to build reputation authority. Reputation Management from WebiMax on Vimeo.Reputation Management has become one of the most important components to operating a business, whether small or […]

Google’s Appeal to South Korea, Its Fate in Korean Market in the Balance

Operations become more dynamic when they expand into international markets, complete with new and different structures and regulations. I touched on this over the last two days regarding Google Maps in France and the Street View functionality in Germany. Essentially, nothing stays the exact same from country to country and Google, maybe more than any […]

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