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Category: WebiMax

Marrying Individual Services Targets Heart of SEO Success

Happy Valentine’s Day, valued WebiMax readers.  Are your customers headed, straight as an arrow, toward your site’s services and products, not just today, but each day of the year?  Search engine optimization facilitates a love connection and the endless search for brand attention.  Brands engineer goods and services to meet the needs of valued customers.  […]

A Look Back at a Lesson in Culture Courtesy of Google Maps -Part 1

When Google was introducing the Street View feature of its Maps platform in Germany, culture was at the root of its initial resistance. This is yet another example of technology and the internet challenging cultural norms and existing laws in new ways. German culture largely tends to be more private than others, particularly US culture. […]

SEO Services Announces Rapid Growth as Expert SEO Community Website

Todd Bailey, Vice President of Digital Strategy at WebiMax, and senior administrator of SEO Services, announced that the website has “become one of the fastest growing expert SEO community websites” and furthers “SEO Services attracts traffic from some of the industry’s most reputable figures.”  Kenneth Wisnefski founded WebiMax in 2008. SEO services is a portal […]

WebiMax Announces Extensive SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — (Jan. 26, 2012) – Kenneth Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced the company launched an extensive SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Program.  Officially launched in the beginning of 2012, the partnership program is aimed at providing search engine optimization services to advertising agencies that lack this avenue. In addition, Wisnefski announced […]

WebiMax Announces Launch of SEO Reseller Strategic Partnership Prrogram

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — (Jan. 23, 2012) – Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced that the company has launched an enhanced strategic SEO Reseller partnership program, heavily focused on the white label resale of its award winning services.  The program is designed to help the partner grow and generate more residual revenue […]

Mobile Paid Search & SEO Show a Growing Window

It is well-documented that mobile search is on the rise in the US and globally, but the numbers may surprise you. This past holiday shopping season saw increases across the board in terms of online shopping traffic and spending from mobile devices (i.e., smartphones and tablets). All signs point to the mobile web continuing to […]

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