Category: webpage design

Category: webpage design

Digital Marketing on the International Stage

Before coming to WebiMax, I gained insight into international business by working professionally in both Japan and Taiwan. I have since found those experiences to be extremely useful in working with people in a number of other countries in Asia and Europe. Many companies that have enjoyed success domestically eventually make the decision to expand their […]

WordPress Automatic Updates

Well, the fine folks that develop WordPress have finally offered, what might be considered, one of the most controversial features they have ever introduced. While some might think this is a blessing others will think it to be the end of their site running smoothly. The updates will be enabled by default for Minor Releases […]

Three Smart SEO Behaviors for Small Business Websites

While small business owners often focus much of their attention on staying active in social media, they tend to end up ignoring a valuable asset: their website. As many web designers will tell their clients, a company’s website should always include search engine-friendly content as well as useful information that is readily accessible. More often […]

4 Ways Analytics Can Evaluate Your Sales Strategy

Tons of resources are regularly devoted toward evaluating the strength of business sales strategies.  Evaluation and implementation play integral roles in the strength of the strategy and there are methods businesses can use to refine their message.  Analytics potentially provide the most effective evaluation and illustrate measures that other tools simply cannot.  Below are 4 […]

WebiMax Selected as Best Web Design Winner

WebiMax is pleased to announce that it has been selected as the Web Hosting Search – Best Web Design recipient.  This is in direct response to WebiMax’s all-in-house design team providing award winning custom designs for clients ranging in size from small biz to Fortune.

Increasing Visibility With a Well Designed Webpage

Your company webpage is the first impression that people receive about your company. It sets the tone right away. With competition as fierce as it is across all industries, having a well-designed webpage can be the difference between profit and loss. Not only does a well-designed webpage help your company from a search engine optimization […]

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