Category: White Hat/Black Hat SEO

Category: White Hat/Black Hat SEO

Removing the Google Penguin Red Flags from your SMB Website

Everyone who writes about SEO has recognized Google’s Penguin update as the hot button issue at the moment. After a staggering 350,000 sites were affected by the company’s recent algorithm revisions, the SEO community fell into a bit of disarray over the topic. Across the board, reaction to the update has been mostly negative as […]

Analytics Tools Prove Invaluable to your Website Management

Website management can be an incredibly tricky business for any webmaster or site owner. Although creating a site from scratch can be difficult enough, it’s getting web traffic and conversion rates that ultimately becomes the greatest challenge for so many of us in the industry. Startup company and small business owners in particular tend to […]

Content Generation for Savvy SMB Owners: Blogging Basics

Many businesses these days are looking for ways to build up an online audience without having to pour endless hours into social networks. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter all serve as excellent venues for interacting with customers and brand followers, but their streamlined interfaces often lead to content that feels stilted and formulaic. Although company owners […]

You Can Hide Your Black Hats but You Can’t Take the Proof Out of the Pudding

Search engine optimization has always attracted outsider interest regarding the dichotomy of black and white-hat SEO specialists, the former party delivering unethical and SE-questionable practices.  As industry literature explains, black-hat practitioners give the industry a bad name, helping clients “game” the search engines.  Black hats help “game” the system; but, I think mutually ethically-questionable brands, […]

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