Tag: AdWords

Tag: AdWords

More Location Options for Businesses Using AdWords

Purposeful targeting to drive traffic is the essential point of both organic SEO and paid search. Utilizing tools in each mode of internet marketing allows for the catering of specific messages to different contexts. This assists the ability to split test ads for paid search and bring localized web searchers to your web properties in […]

Location Targeting Now a Part of adCenter, Following AdWords

Microsoft Advertising adcenter is evolving, and the latest changes move the platform closer to Google Adwords in an effort to make terminology and functionality similar to what marketers are using with Google. Ultimately, this is a good move for Microsoft, paid search, and those marketers managing pay per click campaigns and it shows that Microsoft […]

Google Ads for Mobile and Tablets

Google released details on their official blog that the company has developed interactive ads compatible on smartphones and tablets.  The new rich media ads are designed to engage the user and create a deeper experience. The Company announced “65% of consumers who own tablets use them at least one hour per day. Consumers are embracing […]

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