Tag: Blogging

Tag: Blogging

SEO Bloggers and WordPress: A Match Made in Heaven

Between the countless writing classes I took a bit too seriously in college, the time I’ve invested in my hobbies, and the past couple years I’ve spent freelancing and working for SEO companies, I’ve written a lot of blog posts. As a result, I’ve written on a lot of blog platforms. There are a lot […]

Manager Monday: Be a Better Guest…Blogger

The door shuts, the drinks are gathered and before the first trash bag hits the can, the hosts of the party are already talking about their guests. “Did you see the shirt Bill was wearing?” “Did you notice how much Jack was talking?” “Don’t you already miss Michelle?” The world of guest blogging is a […]

Visit the WebiMax Booth at the HBA Expo!

WebiMax is fortunate enough to have a booth at the HBA Global Expo in New York City from now through Thursday. Guests who attend this event will get to see exhibits from some of the top brands in the beauty industry from all around the world. Whether you want to check out some new products […]

Blogging Shmogging – Who Needs a Company Blog Anyway?

  I’m not going to tell you to start a company blog because there are other ways to communicate brand messages and gain online traction.  However, if you do have a company blog, you should concentrate on making it better and providing more value to readers. It’s easy to say, “Start a blog.”  I know […]

Business Blogging Mistakes and Reconsiderations

  Blogging is a form of communication.  Offline, when a communicative process is not getting optimal results, a modification is in order.  For instance, if the reception of a cellular phone is bad, you’ll move to get better service.  Blogging should experience the same trial-and-error processes.  Can you hear me now?  I’ve noticed a few […]

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