Tag: brand awareness

Tag: brand awareness

The Search for Endless Brand Attention

How’s your brand getting attention today?  There are in-house and external ways to beckon attention.  Seek search engine optimization information; vendors offer an array of choices, addressing technical, social, and copywriting needs.  Do you want ongoing commerce from customers once you have their immediate attention?  While SEO offers opportunities to drive traffic to your site, […]

What’s So Super About Your Brand?

The culmination of the football season is knocking at this weekend’s door.  Who’s going to win the big game!?  My personal excitement is feigned; I share sentiments with another ‘Googler.’  However, I do hope your consumers view your brand as a ‘giant’ in its industry and a ‘patriot’ regarding customer service and meeting mission statements. […]

Brand-Unbearable ‘PR Panda’ Updates

Do you have something to add to the conversation, or just calling attention?  I would address high school students in this manner who were temporarily ‘off task’ during class.  High school students are socially savvy; most got the point and understood the difference elucidated by my question; were they serving the good of the community […]

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