Tag: brand management

Tag: brand management

Patience is an Online (Veruca-less) Virtue

  “I want it now!”  Ugh, Veruca Salt, she was a rotten egg if I ever observed one (fact or fictional).  Are you being a brat in regard to online marketing traction?  Be truthful.  I will.  I don’t need a direct quote from my mom to tell readers I’ve had a history of being a […]

Only Fools Rush Technology?

Technology!  It’s exciting!  It’s eye opening!  It may be hurting your brand!  Technology is moving at…modern-day computer speeds; it’s getting faster with each passing moment.  Yesterday, I wrote upon Apple’s newest iPad and analyst forecasts of mobile devices killing the ‘PC star.’ In Apple’s case, advanced technology is modifying the brand, filling iPad revenue streams […]

Winning with PR-Pitched Strikes

Are you winning with your PR pitches or missing the mark, like an inexperienced pitcher from the California penal league?  Remember Rick ‘Wild Thing’ Vaughn from Major League?   You may know him from his present-day role as Charlie Sheen (but I digress).  Rick had the ‘heat’ behind his hurls but his approach needed tweaking.  A […]

It’s Just a Spring Clean for the Homepage

I don’t’ have a high-def monitor; is it me or does your homepage look a bit dusty?  Is it time for a spring clean?  When was the last time you considered giving your brand’s online face-page a scrub down?  If you’ve been following search engine optimization tips over the years, it’s likely you’ve introduced, attended […]

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