Tag: copywriting

Tag: copywriting

Blogging Shmogging – Who Needs a Company Blog Anyway?

  I’m not going to tell you to start a company blog because there are other ways to communicate brand messages and gain online traction.  However, if you do have a company blog, you should concentrate on making it better and providing more value to readers. It’s easy to say, “Start a blog.”  I know […]

Raising Content from the Digital Dead

  How many articles have you seen cruise past your Twitter stream?  I see hundreds of suggestions per day.  Where does all that digital content go?  Surely, the lifeline of posts is not long; there’s an incipient flood coming by the hour.  However, from a curation perspective, there’s no reason for content to rest in […]

The Rights of (a Copywriting) Man

  Sometimes copywriting can be a paine pain for professionals.  I employ copywriting from a comfortable position.  I produce for WebiMax.  I’ve been working in the field of online marketing for over five years and still have a lot to learn (I’ll always remain writing teacher and student); but, I feel confident in my position, […]

Copywriting Firsts and Reminders for Beginner SEOs

  How would you rate the importance of copywriting on a scale to one to ten?  If you didn’t admit to eleven or above, keep reading.  It’s the core of communication.  Content adopts a variety of online forms these days (video, infographics, sound bytes, etc) but to date, written content is a need for all […]

Why Content Curation?

I wonder if Picasso threw paintings away after one day.  That’s what happens to a lot of writers’ online works.  Content is not physically “trashed”; yet, if it’s not evergreen (and even in those cases at times) the content kind of rests there, eternally at peace.  It’s a sin we let content pass on in […]

Speaking of…S(eo)aturday Roundup

Good day to you, online marketing blog readers!  I hope you enjoyed the last full week of February as you prepare to wrestle out of winter hibernation and fly into spring off the top ropes.  Speaking of, not all need to come out of winter slumber; Pandas don’t hibernate.  Speaking of, SEL released a well-done […]

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