Tag: copywriting

Tag: copywriting

Use Brand Real Estate to Build Community

There are a lot of online marketing options these days.  Social media alone hosts a party of solutions.  We know (through SEO best practices and a series of 2011 Panda updates) the production of content is important.  We also have come to understand (especially considering the popularity of social media) that the dissemination of content […]

Marrying Individual Services Targets Heart of SEO Success

Happy Valentine’s Day, valued WebiMax readers.  Are your customers headed, straight as an arrow, toward your site’s services and products, not just today, but each day of the year?  Search engine optimization facilitates a love connection and the endless search for brand attention.  Brands engineer goods and services to meet the needs of valued customers.  […]

Would Bo Know SEO?

Remember Bo Jackson?  I sure do; I ripped through his Bo Knows biography with the fervor of a twelve-year-old kid, mesmerized by a titan of a multi-dimensional athlete.  Along with popular trends of the day, such as French-rolled jeans and Umbro shorts, I was into the ‘Bo knows’ commercials and campaign.  It was creative and […]

I Will Pay Attention in Copywriting Class (x 100)

Could you believe a student tried pulling that on me once!?  As if a little wit would tickle my funny bone, excusing him of his in-class trespasses.  I’m a sucker for wit; it did; I let him go. I read a good post today regarding copywriting.  The author relays a lot of good insights.  The […]

Are You Content with Your Content?

I read a good post the other day presenting a copywriting sentiment; great content does not guarantee links and exposure.  It doesn’t, unfortunately, despite the time, energy, and hopes of some scribers.  But, solid content is still solid content; there’s use for it.  Content production facilitates search engine optimization campaign successes, but you can do […]

What’s Your Content Level of Freshness?

Cyrus Shephard posted over at SEOmoz regarding the origins of Google’s Freshness Update, providing illustrations of how variations of “fresh” content influence rankings.  The article provides great insights fed in an easy-to-digest fashion. It got me thinking about SEO copywriting for one, and its importance, but also about how content is implemented throughout a site.  […]

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