Tag: Ford

Tag: Ford

Leveraging Your Brand & the Additional Revenue That Licensing Them Can Bring

When brands are built up effectively over time and used purposefully, they can have a tremendous impact on the company and deliver considerable financial gain, supplementing the primary revenue generation from the sale of their actual products. Ford, one of the biggest and most recognizable name brands in the country and world, is a shining […]

Only Fools Rush Technology?

Technology!  It’s exciting!  It’s eye opening!  It may be hurting your brand!  Technology is moving at…modern-day computer speeds; it’s getting faster with each passing moment.  Yesterday, I wrote upon Apple’s newest iPad and analyst forecasts of mobile devices killing the ‘PC star.’ In Apple’s case, advanced technology is modifying the brand, filling iPad revenue streams […]

Another Unique – and Highly Successful – Way to Promote Products with Social Media

For all of you SEO marketers who think that the mobile app Instagram is just another fun, silly recreational activity, think again. Like its social media predecessors, a la Twitter and Facebook, this popular photo-sharing service has recently proven its clout as an effective marketing tool with a great deal of promise and potential. The […]

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