Tag: Foursquare

Tag: Foursquare

Foursquare Lets Businesses Raise their Profile Easily

Saying that the internet is a big place is among the greatest understatements anyone can make. In our modern web-centric age, everyone is connected to each other and industries appear to grow overnight. Regardless of the service or product a business may offer, there’s always going to be a number of other organizations out there […]

Social Media Selection Made Simple: Location-Focused Networks

As social media websites become the focal point of countless internet advertising firms, so too have small business owners come to depend on social networks for their ongoing marketing campaigns. While Facebook is the primary social website for many companies these days, the fact is that there is no shortage of social media sites to […]

Add Foursquare to Your Arsenal of Great Promotional Tools

When it comes to social media and SEO, I’ve discussed two major players so far: Twitter and the up-and-coming Pinterest. Here is yet one more: Foursquare. This is primarily a mobile app for smartphones, but it can be so much more for businesses that know how to utilize it for promotional and marketing activity. Foursquare […]

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