Tag: international seo

Tag: international seo

UK Case Illustrates Purposeful Use of Social Media, Catering to Contexts

The major sporting vent in the UK this summer is a truly global event with people from all corners of the world not only participating but following and supporting the actual events and accompanying activities. Many will travel to the UK to see the events and festivities in person, but for the millions of fans […]

Fragmentation of Social Media Behavior Continues in International Markets

Businesses must cater to each local context – have I said that before on this blog? Yes, it is a recurring theme but only because it holds great utility for businesses and it bears consistent repeating. This is especially the case when others are offering the same advice, like say Tom Smith, managing director of […]

Google Encrypted Search Rolling Out Internationally

I want to circle back to news from Google that broke earlier in the month regarding encrypted search and address how it can impact international markets. Google made a change several months ago to where users who are logged in have secure socket layer (SSL) encryption added to their web searches providing an added […]

More on Cultural Characteristics & Their Impact on Internet Marketing

In Monday’s post, I introduced the idea of cultural characteristics and looked at power distance. Certain characteristics of culture influence the way people act and experience their world and, of most interest to those in international SEO, experience the internet. Many aspects of certain cultures have changed over time, however core elements of culture tend to […]

Understanding Cultural Characteristics & How They Impact Your Web Presence

Culture is a dynamic, living thing. This may be an exaggeration of sorts, but the point is culture is an evolving entity that impacts just about every aspect of our lives. It impacts the way we experience our days, structure our time, share with friends, work at our jobs, and – how we experience the […]

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