Tag: internet marketing

Tag: internet marketing

Windows 8: The Most Social Operating System Yet?

On May 31, Microsoft premiered a “Release Preview” of Windows 8 on their website which features a downloadable version of the upcoming operating system with limited functionality.  Additionally, the release includes several applications that will be integrated into the new Windows environment; which is based on the “Metro” language seen on the Windows Phone OS.  […]

A New Approach to Content Marketing

In the weeks following the much-discussed Penguin Update, many things have changed for Internet marketers.  Last week, I covered the topic of link building and how it has evolved since Penguin first struck on April 24th.  Today, I’m going to address another major issue affecting digital marketers, bloggers, content developers and business owners alike: Content. […]

Will Google’s Gadgets Provide Value to Marketers?

Over the past several years, Google has slowly expanded their business beyond search and even Web-based technology. While the entire Google brand was initially built on the revolutionary search engine pioneered by Larry Page and Sergey Brin; the transition into email, social media and other areas has mostly proven to be a success for the […]

Visual Appeal of Websites is Key to Successful Marketing

Whether your business is based within a brick-or-mortar institution, or it is a solely online venture, one thing is certain: e-commerce is one of the most important aspects of your business to focus on. Why? Well, there is a great deal of data and statistics to support the fact that online shopping – and purchasing […]

More on Cultural Characteristics & Their Impact on Internet Marketing

In Monday’s post, I introduced the idea of cultural characteristics and looked at power distance. Certain characteristics of culture influence the way people act and experience their world and, of most interest to those in international SEO, experience the internet. Many aspects of certain cultures have changed over time, however core elements of culture tend to […]

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