Cisco Predictions Highlight Video in the Future of the Global Web

As I wrote about yesterday, the amount of web users and connected devices will greatly increase in the years to come, even just in the next four years. This will be experienced all over the globe only furthering the potential for marketing and increasing brand exposure to a new and increasing customer base. But another […]

Web Users Search Online in Multiple Languages, Opportunities for Marketers

The internet is expansive and it reaches all corners of the globe, and thus most languages in use have found their way online to some degree. As such, it is a popular thought that businesses marketing both their presence and product online want to have language-specific sites in order to cater to specific audiences offering […]

New Top-Level Domains Roll Out in January, SEO & Branding Impacted

The domain landscape has been largely untouched for years now, but that is set to change come January. At the beginning of 2013, new top-level domains (TLDs) will be rolled out that expand the available domain options. The Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the organization that manages the Internet address system, announced […]

S(eo)unday 3-11-12

Good morning or afternoon (depending on SEO hemisphere).  A lot of good posts and discussion took place recently.  Let’s tear into last week’s can of online marketing posts.  You know you can’t read just one. WebiMax VP and partner, Kevin O’Brien, and VP of Digital Technology, Todd Bailey, were recently celebrated by Smart CEO magazine!  […]

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