In the digital age, Internet security is a growing concern amongst Web users not only domestically, but on a worldwide scale.  Since its inception, the Internet itself has remained free of international censorship and government oversight.  However, cybersecurity is an issue that continues to create controversy, as some believe that a truly secure Internet may only be possible by sacrificing user privacy.

Recently, proposed bills such as SOPA and PIPA have stalled, largely due to negative backlash by Internet companies and more importantly, the Obama administration.  The well-documented intent of those bills was to eliminate piracy of copyrighted material online by allowing the U.S. Government to block websites.  President Obama indicated that Internet piracy and security are both significant issues, but such bills could potentially stifle innovation and damage the integrity of the Web.

Today, a new proposal regarding the important issue of online security is gaining momentum in the U.S. House of Representatives.  The bill, known as the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA), was introduced by Michael Rogers (R-MI) and is intended to defend American Internet companies and U.S. Government sites from security threats.  Although this bill differs from both SOPA and PIPA in many ways, it is surrounded by similar controversy.

Should CISPA be signed into law, it would grant any U.S. Government agency the power to attain user information from sites such as Facebook, Google or any other private company in the event of a “cyber threat.”  The bill defines such threats as, “efforts to degrade, disrupt, or destroy government or private systems and networks.”  Any gathered information on users suspected of involvement in such threats is then forwarded to the Department of Homeland Security.

Known supporters of CISPA include Microsoft, Facebook and Google.  However, the bill is opposed by the White House and President Obama has already announced that he will veto the bill.  The official position of the Obama administration is as follows:

“Cybersecurity and privacy are not mutually exclusive. Moreover, information sharing, while an essential component of comprehensive legislation, is not alone enough to protect the Nation’s core critical infrastructure from cyber threats. Accordingly, the Administration strongly opposes H.R. 3523, the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, in its current form.”

CISPA has recently been passed by the House of Representatives, despite the opposition in the White House.  However, the bill has been amended to help protect the privacy of individuals.  Regardless of the changes made to CISPA, opponents of the bill remain unsatisfied.  There is still debate over the broad and somewhat non-specific nature of CISPA, that some view as a greater threat than cybersecurity itself.  Supporters feel that CISPA is an effective countermeasure against hackers and does not eliminate or reduce the privacy of American Internet users.

The Obama administration is backing a Senate-proposed alternative to CISPA, which would grant power to the Department of Homeland Security to monitor the Internet for cyber threats.  Internet users, online companies and the government are all going to play instrumental roles in the future of cybersecurity and individual online privacy in the months ahead.  As this situation moves forward, it poses a very important question that is relevant to the entire online community: Can Internet security be achieved without compromising privacy?

MOUNT LAUREL, NJ — (Jan. 23, 2012) – Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced that the company has launched an enhanced strategic SEO Reseller partnership program, heavily focused on the white label resale of its award winning services.  The program is designed to help the partner grow and generate more residual revenue by offering search engine optimization services to their clients either through private label initiatives or direct referrals.

“There are an abundance of reputable advertising and marketing agencies that do not have the proper training or personnel to offer a full suite of search engine optimization services to their clients,” states Wisnefski.  “WebiMax now provides the opportunity for these agencies to offer our industry leading services either as private label or a direct referral, generating even greater return on investment for clients.”

Wisnefski founded WebiMax in 2008 and has since grown the company to 150 personnel and over 500 clients worldwide, including several major Fortune 100 companies.  The company was recently recognized by Forbes as one of America’s Most Promising Companies due in large part to their growth and projected long-term success in their respective industry of online marketing services.  The launch of this program offers a win-win partnership for both WebiMax and their partners.

“The major benefits of our strategic SEO Reseller partnership program are that the agency can earn residual revenue, and can also receive training from WebiMax’s team of industry experts.  This allows them to add SEO services to their personal portfolio of products and services,” states Wisnefski.

According to Forrester Research, Inc., the search engine optimization industry is expected to grow to a record $33.3 billion by 2016, signaling that companies both large and small are shifting more advertising resources toward SEO initiatives.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax is pleased to announce that the company has entered in to a strategic partnership with AspDotNetStorefront, a leading e-commerce shopping cart platform.

Officially launched in 1997, AspDotNetStoreFront is utilized by more than 10,000 users.  The strength of the platform is that it is filled with many components that clients need, including plug-ins, built-in search engine optimization, promotion and marketing tools, and the flexibility and stability of the .NET platform.

“AspDotNetStorefront gives their clients many competitive advantages, not least of which is the fact that the e-commerce shopping cart platform is search engine optimization friendly, an area in which WebiMax is the market leader,” states Wisnefski.  “Natural search plays a critical role in the e-commerce space and this partnership helps both parties join forces on their strengths to deliver a highly valued product that can help increase revenue for retailers using the platform itself,” concludes Wisnefski.

“Our partnership with WebiMax joins two industry leaders and helps us enhance our products by adding additional SEO technologies to our state-of-the-art e-commerce platform,” states Dana Greaves, CEO and President of Vortx, Inc. and AspDotNetStorefront.  “Our innovating products have helped major retailers and Fortune 100 companies successfully execute e-commerce initiatives and we continue to be positioned as our industry leader,” concludes Greaves.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, Entrepreneur and founder / CEO of WebiMax, the leader in search engine optimization, announced “2012 can be a rebound year for SMBs if business owners commit to innovating and focusing on client-retention.”  Wisnefski furthers “most business owners are reluctant to move forward due to pressing economic concerns including the financial markets, credit ratings and unemployment; however it’s the lack of focus on key internal areas that are keeping them in a hover pattern.”

While the Small Business Confidence Index rose slightly in October (90.2, from 88.9 in September) in large part due to sales growth less negative, there have been positive signs in recent weeks.  Leading up to Thanksgiving weekend, retailers and online merchants spent an average of 31 percent more on paid search advertising which translated to a record 16.4 percent uptick in Thanksgiving weekend purchasing by the consumer.  This suggests both retailers and consumers have a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines.

“This is where innovation comes in to play.  Those merchants and retailers who chose innovative and lesser-expensive advertising channels including social media and paid search were rewarded well during the Thanksgiving weekend”, states Wisnefski.  “Ecommerce is surging and SMBs that want to generate new sales growth and improve client retention need to pay close attention to the momentum that is building.”

While only 62 percent of retailers committed to investing more in ecommerce in 2011 (statistics gathered from Forrester’s Research), Wisnefski states the remaining percentage is missing out on huge growth opportunities.

“We have seen significant results from merchants that have increased their ecommerce initiatives this year.  At WebiMax, our ecommerce division has increased revenue 10-fold in 2011 as more retailers want to have their store-front open 24/7/365”, states Wisnefski.  “This reinvestment also enhances client-retention because the present-day consumer is looking for an online store where they can buy their products to alleviate leaving their homes.  The consumer is always looking for value, whether it is free shipping, or shopping in comfort from their home, to creating an online account that makes purchases more convenient and faster”, concludes Wisnefski.

SMBs have a lot of cash sitting on the sidelines as evidenced by the uptick in holiday advertising.  Innovation and client retention rates are two important factors that business owners need to pay close attention to in order to stay competitive in a global market.

Kenneth C. Wisnefski, founder and CEO of WebiMax, announced today that Forbes has named the search engine optimization company one of America’s Most Promising Companies.  Forbes‘ list of America’s Most Promising Companies features 100 privately held up-and-comers with compelling business models, strong management teams, notable customers, strategic partners and precious investment capital.

“It is an honor to announce WebiMax has been selected 30th overall on Forbes’ list of America’s Most Promising Companies”, Wisnefski announced in a company email.  “When I founded the company in 2008, I wanted to create a firm that works with our clients more as a strategic partner versus an outsourced vendor”.

WebiMax is well-regarded as the industry’s best SEO company not only due to their business model that returns maximum results to clients but in addition to the integrity and quality of work the company is known for.  While most SEO firms outsource their services to overseas countries including China, India and the Philippians, WebiMax conducts all work in-house.  Furthermore, the company acts in ethical standards and is a Google Certified Partner, following their parameters and guidelines for white-hat search engine optimization.

“Sizing up younger, privately held companies is hard: Their fortunes can change very quickly and there’s a dearth of public data,” says Forbes Executive Editor Brett Nelson.  “We took a more comprehensive approach to evaluating candidate’s health and potential in our selection.”

To sharpen its search, Forbes teamed up with CB Insights, a Manhattan-based data firm that tracks investment in high-growth private companies. With $650,000 in grants from the National Science Foundation, CB has developed complex software called Mosaic that mines myriad online sources (from press releases and social networks to job boards and court filings) to come up with one, algorithmically derived score that measures a private company’s health.  Forbes married Mosaic’s data-crunching with old-fashioned reporting to assemble a list of rising stars with bright growth prospects.

WebiMax has received various accolades during 2011 including South Jersey’s Fastest Growing Company, Philadelphia Business Journal’s Best Places to Work, Google Certified Partner and now America’s Most Promising Companies.

“As we are upon the closing of 2011, our company has made several strides this year that have positioned us not only as a dominant leader in online marketing services and SEO, but an up-and-coming company that is positioned for explosive growth in the long-term”, concludes Wisnefski.

To view the complete the list, please visit

Kenneth C. Wisnefski (founder and CEO) and Kevin O’Brien (Vice President) of WebiMax, the leading search engine optimization firm, were featured today on CBS 3 Philadelphia.  The newscast, hosted by industry veterans Pat Ciarrocchi and Ukee Washington featured WebiMax for their recent Best Places to Work award received by the Philadelphia Business Journal.

“Having the opportunity to meet with Pat and discuss WebiMax’s success not only as a Best Places to Work recipient but also as the leader in our industry was wonderful”, states Wisnefski.  “Our company has been very successful in 2011 and we are well-positioned to continue to lead our industry and experience long-term growth.”

The Mount Laurel based SEO firm has nearly tripled its workforce to 150+ employees from the start of 2011 to present.  Vice President Kevin O’Brien states “our training program is most effective and is the main reason why WebiMax is most successful”.  O’Brien furthers “our training program helps our employees advance their professional growth and grow within our company”.