Tag: keywords

Tag: keywords

Keyword Implementation isn’t Dying, it’s Simply Changing

For the last twenty years, numerous SEO companies and internet advertisers have depended on keywords as being a guiding light for search engine indexers and site crawlers. A tactic commonly used by ethical and unethical online marketing agencies alike, heavily emphasized keyword implementation was so pervasive throughout the web development community that almost everyone has […]

3 Steps to Help You Select Keywords that Meet Penguin Criteria

Keyword research is a valuable step in the SEO process in which webmasters dedicate extensive time in order to select the best keywords for a campaign. Searching for the best keywords involves finding words that are relevant, words that web audiences are searching for, and words with competition. But, with the recent launch of Google’s […]

Let the Brand take the Broad out of Fine Focus

What’s the broad-term-search competition like in your industry?  In most, it’s intense.  Broad terms lose some luster for successful brands that have “made it,” though ironically, the more popular a brand within an industry, the more likely it ranks well for broad terms of the industry, at the same time lessening its internal, marketing dependence […]

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