Tag: link building

Tag: link building

Rethinking Linking – Link Building to Last

  Discussion has arisen in the world of link building of late, for good reason.  Google made modifications; the search engine came down on suspicious linking practices.  The purpose is to rid the Web of unrighteous rankers and unscrupulous link building practices. I’ve read a number of posts, urging clients and brands to rethink linking.  […]

S(eo)aturday Roundup

WebiMax How do you know if you’re getting the scoop on Snoop or some impostor?  Facebook’s name-verification facelift. If you didn’t get notified, you need to raise your level of clout… Badgeville also made changes, integrating information from Klout, giving brands the ability to interpret if social ‘studs’ or ‘duds’ are taking part in ‘gamification.’ […]

S(eo)aturday Roundup

Happy weekend, search fans!  You have some time this weekend.  Catch-up on your online marketing/search engine optimization reading.  I’ve read, synopsized, and delivered links to informative tidbits from around the world of search.  Take a gander at what I’ve gathered: Facebook The Facebook brand is not shy about showing its face in the media.  WebiMax […]

Use Link Building to Exit the Winter of Dissed Content

I don’t need to be jostled from sleep by Sonny and Cher; judging by the “Phil Murray” and “Punxsutawney Phil” Twitter trends, it’s February second.  How many more days of winter?  I live in LA; don’t hate; there’s plenty of sunshine, yes, but smog, ebb-less traffic, and unrelenting crowds of people live here too.  I’m […]

Is Your Brand’s Core Optimized for Success?

I used to write for a business-to-business outfit, providing content on an array of services.  Naturally, marketing (on and offline) were amongst the provided services.  I recently came across an article penned years ago on customer retention.  I think it has “evergreen” sentiments, and though today’s offered online marketing company initiatives are prolific, culminating in […]

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