Tag: link building

Tag: link building

S(eo)aturday Roundup

Happy weekend, search fans!  You have some time this weekend.  Catch-up on your online marketing/search engine optimization reading.  I’ve read, synopsized, and delivered links to informative tidbits from around the world of search.  Take a gander at what I’ve gathered: Facebook The Facebook brand is not shy about showing its face in the media.  WebiMax […]

Use Link Building to Exit the Winter of Dissed Content

I don’t need to be jostled from sleep by Sonny and Cher; judging by the “Phil Murray” and “Punxsutawney Phil” Twitter trends, it’s February second.  How many more days of winter?  I live in LA; don’t hate; there’s plenty of sunshine, yes, but smog, ebb-less traffic, and unrelenting crowds of people live here too.  I’m […]

Is Your Brand’s Core Optimized for Success?

I used to write for a business-to-business outfit, providing content on an array of services.  Naturally, marketing (on and offline) were amongst the provided services.  I recently came across an article penned years ago on customer retention.  I think it has “evergreen” sentiments, and though today’s offered online marketing company initiatives are prolific, culminating in […]

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