Tag: Local SEO

Tag: Local SEO

Local SEO Tools for Your Business

When’s the last time you actually looked up a business in a phone book? It’s probably been years for me. Whether I’m looking for a plumber or a pizza place, I turn to Google (sorry, Bing). It’s faster and more efficient. Within seconds, I can find the local businesses I’m looking for. And not only […]

Handwritten Search: Google’s New Offering

Google continues to roll out new offerings with their primary product: search. Moving into the mobile market, the social space, and other areas, Google has constantly been trying their hand at new functions, growing their reach and relevance, and for their sake, an ever-increasing user-base that enjoys what they offer. Even in the midst of […]

Your Page Rankings are in Danger, But Don’t Panic Just Yet

It seems not a week can go by without Google raising more alarms within the SEO community. Online businesses that have been watching their web analytics over the last few weeks may have noticed some alarming trends. Traffic has been dropping steadily for many online companies and the page rankings have been falling along with […]

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