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Tag: marketing

Twitter, Its Varied Global Use, & Business Lessons From Non-Marketers – p.2

In yesterday’s post, I opened the discussion of Twitter’s varied use by non-marketers and covered two interesting and innovative applications of the technology. The first is that of Francis Kariuki (@Chiefkariuki), the Kenyan administrative chief that uses twitter to get important messages out to his community members. Secondly, we looked at the twitter bot named […]

Twitter, Customer Service, & How Companies Need Quality Over Quantity on Social

Twitter, the most popular microblogging site on the internet, offers instantaneous communication and unique engagement opportunities for businesses to connect with members of their audience. Twitter indeed offers two-way communication, but a recent study by Conversocial shows that many big businesses, within retail clothing in this case, do not engage in two-way communication with their […]

Nike’s ‘Black & Tan’ Mistake; More Cultural Lessons for PR & Marketing

Athletic and cultural giant Nike had a significant misstep last week when they named a limited edition shoe after the drink known in this country as a “Black & Tan,” a layered combination of a stout and lager beer. The company was doing so to honor Ireland in the run-up to St. Patrick’s Day, however, […]

How Social Media has Transformed the Marketing World

The results of a marketing study that Facebook conducted in collaboration with Forrester Research were recently published. They reveal some very interesting and significant changes in the world of marketing, and how professionals in the field now approach the task of promoting brands and products to consumers. The final verdict is that social media has […]

S(e)o,….What Do Y.O.U. Call Us?

  How did you find this post?  Is WebiMax doing a good job branding? (You knew to come straight to the site).  Did you come from one of the search engines?  “SEO company” (as well as related derivations) is a WebiMax keyword, meaning we assume you use the term to find our services on the […]

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