Tag: mobile

Tag: mobile

$5 Billion by 2016 in Mobile Local Ad Spent, Largest Growth Expected in Paid Search

There is news seemingly coming out daily regarding the possibilities that smartphones present businesses in terms of widening exposure and growing business. This is essentially because of all the sectors that smartphones and their functionality and features touch. The impact is clearly seen and only growing in the years to come especially regarding mobile local […]

The Future of the Global Mobile Market (With New Numbers)

  We touch on the mobile market from time to time, largely because of the overt SEO and paid search potential that exists with the mobile internet and search. Mobile computing, encompassing that which is done on both smartphones and tablets is growing at a high rate across the world. In markets from the UK […]

Mobile Advertising in Australia Impacts All Interested Parties

We’ve written about the rise of mobile and what it means for internet marketing a good bit in recent weeks, and specific ally touched on how paid search performed over the holiday shopping period. Also important is the explosion of mobile across the globe and the international SEO implications that follow. An intriguing element to […]

Google Wallet Meets Roadblock on Pursuit of Ecommerce System

Reports surfaced that Verizon (with other major wireless carriers expected to follow suite) has blocked Google Wallet from being used on their devices including the new Galaxy Nexus.  The wireless company stated security concerns over the ecommerce system caused them to make the devices incompatible with Google Wallet. Jeffrey Nelson, a company spokesman for Verizon […]

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