Tag: online marketing

Tag: online marketing

Business Lessons from Those Who Don’t Worry About Money

  The title is a bit misleading.  I don’t know if the wealthy don’t ‘worry’ about money; but, they likely worry less than those less financially fortunate.  A lot of marketing mistakes are due to worry.  Probably a lot of mistakes in life have a lot to do with worry and anxiety… A little while […]

Optimizing for Viewer Content

  I don’t know who or what meets you or your marketing team’s definition of ‘king’; but, ensuring your viewers are content is pretty important methinks.  I bet those who consume your brand’s content would agree with me. Can I answer all your brand’s viewer content questions in this post?  Absolutely not.  I can offer […]

The User is You, Sir

  I walked into a coffee shop the other morning and witnessed a customer, the end user, giving the barista an incredibly difficult time.  I’ve observed such dynamics a lot in my life.  I waited on tables as a young adult.  Some people remember you are human too while serving them; others become detached from […]


I am friendly with a retail store owner.  It’s interesting to know how much thinking some implementations warrant.  Think of a store as a Web page, only larger and obviously more interactive.  Where should he place his goods to recruit attention and make conversions? There’s a whole lot that goes into the process.  So much […]

Marketing Vision Quest

  Sometimes in business we have a vision; yet, in our quest to capture, to attain the image, we wrestle with the reality of the situation.  It happens.  Otherwise, every business that ever started would flourish.  That’s a beautiful vision, pile-driven by the reality of business.   How can you better gauge whether your vision […]

Hey, You Missed a Marketing Spot

  So, you wanna successfully leverage online marketing.  How thick is your SEO skin?  Would you mind if I combed over your initiatives with a felt-tipped, red pen.  I used to get ‘my red on’ regarding student essays.  I wasn’t being malicious; as the song goes, ‘you gotta be cruel to be kind’ sometimes.   […]

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