Tag: online marketing

Tag: online marketing

Penguin Business Lessons

  Are you tired of hearing of Google pets?  I am too.  There are some SEO lessons to learn due to Penguin.  I’m sure you’ve seen a resource or two so far.  However, in this post, I would like to review some business insights to take away from the pet’s recent visit.   Google is […]

Watch Your SEO Speed

  All’s fair in online marketing until zoo animals hurt someone… just a little online humor to open with.  Actually, all is not equal online.  There are too many factors to consider.  Dr. Pete made a good point earlier in a great ‘catchall’ online marketing post:   “Search is algorithmic, so we assume it follows […]

Don’t Let a Penguin Chill Online Marketing Outlooks

  Of course, the Penguin update is a hot topic at the moment.  Google, the most widely-leveraged search engine, made some modifications, which influenced a number of Web masters.  What’s done is done.  It’s not the first time Google has done it; and, it won’t be the last.   Should it chill your reception of […]

Things I’m Doing When I Should Be Working

  (Looks around)  Psst.  Hey you, come here.  I have a secret.  I’m not always ‘working.’  Well, better defined, I’m not always doing what I’m paid to do.  You see, I’m not being disobedient or having a Peter Gibbons moment.  I love my job.  I’m just not always doing it.  (Gets up, stretches, does some […]

How to Be Socially Ironic Online

  Warning: the following post contains sarcasm and irony.  Please proceed in the appropriate fashion… Yesterday was Mother’s Day.  Most of us did as expected:  we bought flowers, called people, and spent time in places we may not have ideally wanted to be. I understand.  You did as expected.  Where’s the creativity in that!  Oh, […]

Consumers Are Making Your Company Their Business

  Don’t be pennywise and dollar foolish, business owners.  Do you see the forest through the trees?  Do you see the three-dimensional image emerging from the ostensible abstract graphic?  The dynamic has always existed; yet, I believe brands of ago understood the value in providing “value.”  It was expected (as should be).  Then, an emergence […]

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