Tag: Pinterest

Tag: Pinterest

PinReach Provide Analytics Insights for Pinterest

Of course it was only a short matter of time before an analytics tool for Pinterest, the latest phenomenon in the social media world, would rise to the surface. PinReach is a service that measures the amount of a user’s influence on Pinterest. This is done by gathering information about the total numbers of pins, […]

Pinterest Generates More Referral Traffic than Twitter

As if you didn’t need any more reasons to start using Pinterest for your business: the latest news on the Pinterest front is that the new social media star has surpassed Twitter in generation of referral traffic, as reported by TechCrunch. This is an incredibly huge piece of news, mainly because Twitter has long been […]

Pinterest is Perfect for Non-Profits, Too

A week ago I wrote on businesses that use Pinterest as a great social media and SEO marketing tool for their products and services, citing several great examples. However, you don’t need to be a for-profit organization to take advantage of the promotional services that Pinterest provides. There are more than a few non-profits that […]

Develop Pinterest in Your SEO Marketing Campaign

Are you Pinterest(ed) yet? The biggest news from the past few weeks has centered on the social media site Pinterest, and its huge potential value to SEO marketing for companies. Are you a business owner who is just starting to get familiar with this newly popular technology? Feeling stumped as to how you can best […]

Use Brand Real Estate to Build Community

There are a lot of online marketing options these days.  Social media alone hosts a party of solutions.  We know (through SEO best practices and a series of 2011 Panda updates) the production of content is important.  We also have come to understand (especially considering the popularity of social media) that the dissemination of content […]

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