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Tag: PR

Bus. Identity, Image, and Reputation – Differentiation for Action in PR & Marketing

The concepts of organizational identity, image, and reputation are important in business operations, especially for the strategy that is engaged in by business decision-makers as well as the outward communication that a company extends. There are various understandings of each term both in the working sector and within scholarly research in the academic realm.  SEO […]

How to Make Professional Friends

  “Godfather, be my friend,” a man pleads as he kisses Don Vito’s hand.  The former was really asking of a favor.  The Godfather knew.  It’s VERY LIKELY those on your ‘let’s be pals’ radar know your immediate intentions too.  It’s okay; be aware of their awareness and proceed…naturally. I’ve been pretty successful in making […]

Rethinking Linking – Link Building to Last

  Discussion has arisen in the world of link building of late, for good reason.  Google made modifications; the search engine came down on suspicious linking practices.  The purpose is to rid the Web of unrighteous rankers and unscrupulous link building practices. I’ve read a number of posts, urging clients and brands to rethink linking.  […]

Public Relations and the Internet; Web Offers Convergence for PR & SEO

The Internet has changed many things, the least of which how people get their news and consume information, as well as businesses promote themselves and connect with their audiences. For decades the work of PR has been kept to a handful of broad forms of media – print, TV, radio, and live in-person events. For […]

Use Social Media for Public Relations

  I watched a great online marketing video last week hosted by a popular CEO.  He made excellent points throughout; yet, one message particularly hit home.  He voiced that the real problem with startups and young brands was not producing quality services and products; the real issue was marketing, gaining attention, informing people of your […]

How to Mis-tweet Your Brand’s Tweeps

  What do you think about using social media platform, Twitter?  What are the advantages?  What are brand expectations?  What’s the end?  What means are employed in getting there?  Are you gaining a lot of followers?  Are consumers impressed by the number of followers?  Is it about engagement or branding games? I read a great […]

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